should I

volunteer for dogs?

There are so many situations where an animal is neglected or abused that you might think that this type of work would be depressing. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Here are some reasons to be a volunteer.

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Why should you consider volunteering at an animal rescue? First of all, why volunteer at all? Because volunteering has lots of benefits.

(1) It is great have the opportunity to give love and affection to dogs. Just helping dog can lower your blood pressure and calm you down.

(2) You are helping the dog and preparing them to be adopted into a forever home.

(3) You get to meet and be around other people who share your passion for dogs.

(4) You are helping the rescue by providing a valuable service. Budgets are tight and there are only so many donation. Volunteers help by giveing dogs the attention and services they need.

(5) Your experience as a volunteer may increase your job skills and help you to obtain a paid position in the future. Volunteering may open a door for you.

  • How do I volunteer for dogs?

    There are many different ways you can volunteer to help rescue or shelter dogs. You can start with your local shelter or rescue to see what kind of volunteer programs they have. You can even volunteer your time on facebook. There are many crossposting groups and rescues you can work with to get dogs rescued. Second Chance Ci Rescue runs a crossposting group you can join and we would be happy for you to volunteer some time with us.

  • Are there any volunteer requirements?

    As for volunteer requirements for other shelter and rescues you would have to contact the ones in your area to see what there requirements would be. To volunteer with Second Chance Chi Rescue the requirements are having a love for dogs and being dog friendly.

  • Are pets needing volunteers healthy?

    Most pets needing volunteers with a rescue are healthy as rescues try to keep their dogs vetted and cared for so they can find forever home and be healthy. Dogs in shelters can have some health issues as the funds are limited in shelters to properly care for the dogs.

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