Second Chance Chi Rescue Shop

Welcome to the Second Chance Chi Rescue shop. We are a 501(c)(3) not for profit animal rescue. All items and donations are tax deductible.

All profits made through this shop are used by Second Chance Chi Rescue and Pledging Club to further our cause and help more animals in need in so many different ways.

Join in our cause with us and help us help them get the rescue, vetting, fosters, and new forever homes to live a happy new life with caring people.

Item Donations

Second Chance Chi will take ANY ANIMAL RELATED product donations in bulk that we can add to our shop to help raise funds for our cause as well as allow us to donate any items we don’t need to help the homeless, other rescues and shelters provide for the health of the chihuahuas and other small breed dogs in their care.

Items To Donate

This is a list but not limited to these items of items we will take as donations of items we can add to our shop.

Quantity of all these items would help the most and allow us to redistribute items as and where needed in different communities.

  • Dog Food (Quantity)
  • Animal Treats (Quantity)
  • Blankets (To be used for dogs)
  • Crates (To be used during rescue and transport of dogs)
  • Food Dishes

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