Take Home An Adult Dog

While puppies are cuddly and playful, and many grow up to become wonderful family members, prospective dog owners sometimes forget the trouble with raising a dog from puppy hood, and they overlook the countless adult dogs awaiting to be saved from shelters and rescue organizations. Here are the advantages adult dogs have over puppies when it comes to being adopted.

Five Reasons To Adopt An Adult Dog!

1. Adult Dogs Don’t Chew!

An adult dog is past the chewing stage. This stage, from two months to two years of age, is when much of the home destruction happens.

2. What You See Is What You Get!

An adult dog’s baseline personality is pretty well set, and rescues and shelters are full of dogs who were said to be the “wrong” match as they grew up.

3. Not A 24-7 Job!

Adult dogs don’t require the constant monitoring puppies do, leaving you with more freedom to do your own thing.

4. Sleeping Schedule!

It’s to be expected that any new family member will be a little weary of sleeping in their new home initially, but adult dogs have experience sleeping through till morning whereas puppies wake up when their bellies or bladders require their immediate attention.

5. You’ll make an adult dog happy!

Many adult dogs are at your local rescues and shelters. They are often great dogs, in good health, and have many years left in them to love and be loved.

These Cute Adult Dogs Are Waiting For You