Take Home A Young Puppy

The first and best reason is that by adopting a puppy you will be saving a life. Millions of wonderful companion dogs are euthanized every year at dog shelters and dog pounds simply because there is not enough space or resources to house for them.

By adopting a puppy you will also decrease the demand for puppy mills. The desire to buy pure bred puppies is frequently based upon misunderstanding or a lack of knowledge.

Five Reasons To Rescue A Puppy!

1. You Will Be More Social!

A puppy won’t just make you more social it will make you more popular person amongst a group of family, friends and neighbors.

2. A Great Feeling!

If you adopt a puppy from a shelter or a local rescue, you will not only improve the life of that puppy, but also ensure another homeless animal an opportunity to get saved because of space that recently became available.

3. You Financially Help Rescue!

The adoption fee you pay for your puppy doesn’t go toward breeding. Rather, the shelter or rescue organization uses it to care for the animals it already has and to educate the public.

4. Purebred!

Rescues and shelters generally have purebred puppies to show you, or you can search for breed-specific rescues in your area if you are set on adopting a certain breed.

5. You Will Be Grateful!

Those who’ve rescued puppies swear that these dogs just know and are extra-grateful and loving to their adopters. Find out if that’s true by adopting the puppy that captures your heart!

Give These Puppies

A New Forever Home