Take Home Some Senior Dogs.

You might be hesitant to adopt senior dogs because you fear that you wont have a lot of time with your new best friend, bringing that hurting time of loss a lot closer. But the love a senior dogs makes everyday a special day, as you and your new friend and family member share love, friendship, and a special bond that grows stronger with the knowledge that you have given this fine old dog a second chance at life.

So spread the word! Saving a rescued senior dog is a great and wonderful experience for you and your new family member. You will gain a faithful friend. You will rescue a life. And remember, senior dogs and senior people are the perfect fit for each other. Old dogs make great people too!

Five Reasons To Rescue A Senior Dog

1. They’re Usually House trained!

Training a dog to go out is a very time consuming, a senior dog is usually house trained.

2. Good For First Time Dog Owners!

Adopting a senior dog as a first time dog owner is a great way to reap the benefits of dog ownership and minimize the time consuming and not so fun tasks like dog potty training.

3. They Settle Down Quickly!

Older dogs have been around the block and already learned what it takes to get along with others and become part of a pack. They’ll be part of the family in no time!

4. They Enjoy The Easy Life!

Couch potato, know thyself! Please consider a canine retiree rather than a high-energy young dog who will run you ragged. Not that older dogs don’t require any exercise—they do—but they’re not going to need, or want, to run a marathon every day.

5. Adopting A Senior Dog Saves A Life!

Adopting a senior dog will save a life a a dog that may not make it our of the shelter any other way. So please save a live.

These Senior Dogs Are Waiting For You

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