Second Chance Chi Pledge Club

The members of the Second Chance Chi Club pledge funds to pledge on special needs, seniors and dogs on the list for euthanasia in hi kill shelters to help them get rescued, fostered and on their way to finding forever homes so they can live the life they all deserve to live. We do this in an effort to get more dogs rescued from the hi-kill shelters throughout the United States of America. The pledge club was started for members who wanted to help but felt that they did not have enough funds to pledge on dogs and make a difference. Being a member of the club gave members an option to pool their funds with other members making it so more funds could be pledged on each dog and gave the members a sense that they could make a difference.

Anyone can join our pledge club and all it takes is a minimum $5.00 donation towards the club. This is different from our regular rescue donations as in the pledges to the pledge club are only used for the pledge club daily activities and for our member fund for member emergencies.

If you are interested in our pledge club, you can contact one of the directors or volunteers on their facebook page listed on our About Us page or on the Second Chance Chi facebook page. You can also join our group Rescue and Rehome Chi’s and join in our mission to help save them all.


This pledge form is for pledges to the Second Chance Chi Club Club pledges. All the donations made through this box minus paypal fees will be used for our monthly pledge club member vote. A % of the total may be used to put toward the member fund to be used how the pledge club members see fit.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue and all pledges are 100% tax deductible!!

Use the Pledge form below to make your monthly pledge for our monthly club vote on the shelter dogs we will be voting on to help for the current month.

If you would like to be tagged for voting Join [Rescue And Rehome Chi’s] on Facebook and mention that you have pledged and would like to be tagged for voting.

Pledge Club

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Donation Total: $5

Pledge’s MARCH 2017

$0.00 USD Total Pledged
Total pledged for MARCH 2017
  • Rhonda Willis $9.48 USD
  • Nancy Daleo $4.59 USD
  • Tori Simmions $9.48 USD
  • Susan Salcedo $24.15 USD
  • Elena Racansky $48.10 USD
  • Dogmomt Tracy $4.59 USD
  • Gloria Guimond $48.60 USD

Page updated 03/29/2017

Pledge’s February 2017

$0.00 USD Total Pledged
Total pledged for February 2017
  • Gloria Guimond $48.60 USD
  • Judi Lewis $9.48 USD
  • Danielle Zicka $48.60 USD
  • Nancy Daleo $4.59 USD
  • Rhonda Willis $9.48 USD
  • Tori Simmons $9.48 USD
  • Elena Racansky $48.10 USD
  • Susana Salcedo $29.04 USD
  • Dogmomt Tracy $4.59 USD
$0.00 USD Total To Pledge
This is the total amount we have to pledge on dogs for our monthly vote for the current month to be held at the end of each month.

Pledge Club Information

For information on what our club does and how we function just click on the sections below. Working on our RULES and INFORMATION section is ongoing and we will let you know when all rules are in place.

In this section, you will find information on what we do and what we are about.

  1. The Second Chance Chi Club was created for helping Chihuahua’s and other small breed dogs get rescued, vetted, and re-homed in a forever home that they so deserve.
  2. We mainly focus on Senior’s and special needs dogs as they are harder to get rescued and re-homed. We don’t only help senior’s and special needs dogs, they all need help and we help those that are most needy first.
  3. A big number of the dogs we pledge on are out of the California hi-kill shelters. We do however pledge on any dog in any location across the United States.

This section has information as to how are voting works.

  1. In order to be a voting member, you have to pledge at least $5.00 for the month you would like to vote.
  2. Every pledging member will be tagged on facebook (if we have your page information) at the end of every month they have pledged in. If you would like to be tagged for voting you will have to join our FB Rescue and Rehome Chi’s group and post that you would like to be tagged for voting as if you are new we may not know who you are or may not be friends so we can tag you. You can find our Facebook Group [Rescue and Rehome Chi’s] here.
  3. All pledging members are given one vote for every dog that the club is able to help for the month the member pledges.
  4. If a dog is rescued or privately adopted before voting is done, the funds for a dog privately adopted will be held and re-purposed for a dog in need the following month. If the dog is rescued, The funds will still go to the rescue that rescued the dog for help in vetting and re-homing that dog.
  5. The voting post is just that, for votes. The only replies that should be posted to the voting post are the vote. Anything else just makes it to confusing and anything other than votes will be removed in order to keep the voting less complicated and clean. If you have any questions about the vote post or animals on it, you should bring it up on the shared post and not the main vote post.
  6. Once the voting post is made and released for voting, there will be no changes to the voting post. That means no dogs will be added, no dogs will be removed and nothing on the official voting post will be changed or edited one set live and people start to vote.
  7. After the voting is done, all pledging members for that given month will be updated as to who the winners are and then when the pledges are honored. The main post of the winning dogs will also be updated with what place they won, how much and also when the pledge was honored.

In this section you will find information on qualifying for and collecting pledge’s for animals that we have pledged on.

To Qualify for receiving pledges from the Second Chance Chi Club
  1. First you need to be a 501(c)3 non-profit to receive pledged funds. We do this as our pledge’rs like to know where their money is going and to save argument with our pledge’rs and their funds so there will be no exceptions to this rule.
  2. All pledges will be honored by Second Chance Chi. For our records before we can honor a pledge we will need the following information. (Your EIN, Contact information including email, and mailing address.)
  3. At the end of every month we vote on dogs to pledge to. When a dog wins, we will comment on the main post that the dog was a winner. If there was no rescue at the time of winning we will keep a eye on the main post for a rescue. If you rescue this dog and we miss who the rescue was, you will have two weeks from the time of the winning comment to collect your pledges.
  4. Going forward you will need to be a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization to receive pledges from Second Chance Chi and your status will be checked. (As long as you have filed and are pending status we will grant pledges if you are approved by us to receive pledges.) When we approve you to receive pledges we will add you to an approved rescue page on our website with a link to your website/information.

In this section you will find information on our member fund program and how this fund are used to help our long term monthly pledge’rs. The member fund was created as a main part of the Second Chance Chi Club when the club was created to help our pledging members with emergency vet costs that may arise.

  1. In order to qualify for our Member Fund, first you must be a pledging member for at least three month prier to putting in for help. There is a possibility you could be helped sooner if the club puts it to a vote and votes to help you.
  2. Every qualifying pledging member shall only receive $100.00 for each incident up to twice per calendar from January to December. You may qualify for funds if the club puts it to a vote and votes to help you.
  3. If the member fund runs low in any given month it will be more than likely we may not be able to help. If the funds are low you will be notified if you ask for help. Remember we are still a small group and will probably run low on funds from time to time but will try to keep them up and help when we can.

Dogs from hi-kill shelters pledged on by the Second Chance Chi Pledge Club

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