-Cane Corso – 125 pounds. Just wants to relax in the room with her loved ones, but not in your face about it. Loves treats but does not beg. Great with all dogs she’s meet(haven’t met small ones). Solid, sweet temperament (She’s been amazing with us for the 4wks we have had her & now is ready for her FOREVER family!). low maintenance, low energy, loves one short walk per day, easy leash walker, house trained, she has free run at my place, zero destructive behavior, doesn’t counter surf or jump, doesn’t even go on furniture when I’m at work, lived with a family & children whole life, accepting of all house guests, watchful over her loved ones ♥️, no barking when left at home(nest camera😉)

-NOT cat safe 🙀
-probably best for older children due to size
-crate not needed