Casey is getting along great with his foster brother so he can be placed in a home with another small dog NO CATS. We have learned that Casey does like the woman just not with long hair. His neighbor had short hair and Casey loves her. When her son came to visit Casey didn’t like him and guess what? He has long hair like a woman lol. Casey really needs a home with someone who is retired or works from home. He has really bad create and separation anxiety so if left he can not be created and can be left for short periods of time only as to not do bad things. A home with no children is still recommended just because he has had the tendency to snap and we fill it would just be safer for all involved.

Casey’s wonderful foster has been working with him to try and help with his anxiety and he has come a long way. Right at this moment, Casey has medications for his anxiety and with a little love and the right home he will be a wonderful dog.